Student Exchange Program

Host a French Student!

Since 1980, the Fredericksburg Sister City Association has participated in a student exchange with our Sister City, Fréjus, France. Fréjus, located on the French Riviera between St. Tropez and Nice, is a small town similar to Fredericksburg. Every two years students from Fréjus come here for 2 weeks. On the alternate years our students go to Fréjus. In 2022 the French students will be visiting us.

The host family is responsible for providing the student a “typical” American home atmosphere, sharing in responsibilities as well as leisure activities. Activities would be of your choosing and within your normal budget. The Sister City Association will also host several events and the hosting student is welcome [and expected] to participate in these events. Examples of some activities where most expenses are paid by our organization are: Walking tour of historic Fredericksburg, bus trips to D.C., Kings Dominion, bus trips to other events, pool parties, picnics, attending sports events, and more. There are some events where the entire family is included – welcome & farewell receptions. We plan as many events as possible, within our budget, to assure our guests can learn about our culture and the history of our area.

The following year, American students will visit Fréjus and those who hosted the previous year will have the first option of being part of the exchange, to visit Paris and stay with a French family in Fréjus for 2 weeks.

If you would like to host a French student this summer, or would like more info., please contact your French Teacher or contact us at

Fredericksburg area students visit Fréjus 2017